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Imprint:S 90 3

Strength:2 mg

Color: Green

Size:15.00 mm

Shape: Rectangle


Drug Class:Benzodiazepines

Labeler / Supplier:Dava Pharmaceuticals 

Introducing Alprazolam 2mg, the ultimate solution for anxiety and panic disorder treatment. Each pill is impressively imprinted with "S 90 3" and comes in a vibrant green color, exuding reliability and effectiveness. Manufactured by none other than Dava Pharmaceuticals Inc, you can trust the authenticity of this product. We guarantee that all our products are 100% authentic, purchased from a licensed pharmacy with a valid prescription, and proudly manufactured in America by renowned pharmaceuticals. With our same-day send-out policy, place your order before 11:00 am pacific time for swift delivery. Bid farewell to counterfeit products and experience anxiety relief like never before. Choose Alprazolam 2mg for the peace of mind you deserve.

Xanax 2mg

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