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Generic Name: hydromorphone

Imprint:P d 8

Strength:8 mg

Color: White

Size:7.00 mm

Shape: Three-sided

Drug Class: Opioids (narcotic analgesics)

Labeler / Supplier: Purdue Pharma LP



Dilaudid 8mg, known by its generic name hydromorphone, is a reliable medication widely employed for managing chronic pain, and cough, and providing general pain relief. With its characteristic white color and distinct P d 8 imprint, this pharmaceutical is meticulously crafted by Purdue Pharma LP, assuring both authenticity and high quality.

As a testament to our commitment to your well-being, we want to emphasize that all our products adhere to legal procurement channels, obtained exclusively through licensed pharmacies with the requisite prescriptions. This stringent approach is designed to eliminate any concerns related to acquiring counterfeit, homemade, or otherwise compromised items.

Ensuring your convenience and prompt access to relief, we facilitate same-day dispatch for orders placed before 11:00 am Pacific time. Our shipping services are not only reliable but also swift, underscoring our dedication to delivering your medication promptly and securely. Trust in our commitment to your health and place your order confidently with us.

Dilaudid 8mg

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